Radio Show – Illuminating Visions, w/ guest host Ed Augusts – 09/28/2017

Thursday 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT
Old Time Cathedral Radio

(Druanna can’t make it this week, so Ed Augusts will be guest-hosting.)

Illuminating Visions

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Would you like to take your power back through law of attraction, following the princples of universal laws, and Earth-based spirtualtiy such as Wicca, Pantheism, and Alchemy?

Sick of giving your power away to governments and globalists?

Realize you have a higher purpose on this planet? That you are Gods and Goddesses that need to snap out of amnesia and reclaim your birth right?!

Then join Dr. Druanna Johnston — Author and Founder of the Illuminating Minds Society — for Illuminating Visions

Find more at and —- and reach out directly to Druanna at

Ed discusses Astrology and Tarot,

and reads from H.P. Lovecraft’s “Rats in the Walls



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