Yard Sales

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Did you know that Yard Sale Gems can be found every week,
if you know how to spot them?
It’s True!
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Undervalued Treasures Are Everywhere,
But Hidden

You’ll identify people’s motives for selling or buying, and use them to your advantage and profit.

Follow along with me while I teach you how to deal in discarded items, whose value is hidden from the otherwise untrained eye. Sell them through online outlets, and/or build up your assets until, if you choose, you can stock an entire storefront that will attract a steady stream of ever intrigued customers plunking down their money to buy what you’re selling. Yet there will always more & more treasures available to stock your shelves, because you will know how to find them.Using these methods, you can even stock multiple storefronts, attracting even more customers, and keep your whole family employed.

Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales, e-book

Ed Augusts, yard sale hunter

Ed Augusts, Authoroverflowing treasure chest

But now you will be able to identify which items are far more valuable than their price tag, and which items you can safely leave behind!

Why? Because I’m gonna help you!

I have a lifetime of experience buying at yard sales, and then turning around and selling at a major profit, and I’ve put it all down in my new book.

Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales, e-book

Dear Fellow Treasure Hunter,

What’s more fun than poking around at yard sales, finding bargains for you and your family? Well, yes, there IS one thing that’s more fun, and that is turning around and selling those finds for far more than you paid for them, even multiple times what you paid for them.

A way to grow and multiply your money!

You can’t do that in the stock market.

And you sure can’t do that at the bank.

Yet you see them everywhere, every weekend, weather permitting, or even despite the weather: single family sales, multi-family sales, moving sales, estate sales, swap meets, flea markets, auctions, and charity stores… People everywhere selling off stuff – clothes, kitchenware, old tools, music CDs & DVDs, old books, housewares, toys, glassware, furniture, lamps, collectibles, you name it.


Well, 20 years ago, at just such a sale, I stumbled upon a box of hidden treasures, in this particular case, old sci-fi paperbacks from the 1950’s, which I turned around and sold over the next two days for 25 to 30 times what I had paid for them, and I was hooked for good.

I was dumbfounded to experience the thrill of discovering ‘cheap treasures’ on a week-after-week basis. I had started with a small rented room in Mama Josephine’s old house near the University that cost me a steep $300 a month. THEN, I discovered the MOTHER-LOAD of knowing where to buy collectibles on Saturday mornings!


Three years later I owned and managed two stores on opposite sides of town, I was able to pay $900 a month for my first store, and $2,400 a month for my second. Amazingly, in that short amount of time, I had built-up an inventory of nearly a MILLION DOLLARS in old books, comics, magazines, post-cards, LP record albums and other collectibles. That was a mere 3 years after starting with nothing!


This book covers my exact experiences, both good and bad, and also the various niches of the collectibles world that I got to know that now you will know too! You will be able to go from whatever point you are at in your life, to being hugely successful, as well. Or if you prefer, as a side-line to whatever else you are doing!

Whether the economy’s good or bad, THESE TECHNIQUES WORK as well today as they did 5 or 10 or 15 years ago, and as they will well into the future. Why? Because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. It’s always been that way, and always will be.

YOU be the middleman!
Then do it Again, and Again, and Again!

My friends will attest to the fact that on 3 recent Saturdays in a row:

diamond jewel I spent $3.00 buying 16 old record albums that had a retail value of $175.00.

diamond jewel I bought one batch of old books for $15.00 that cataloged out at $380.00.

diamond jewel I bought another batch of books for $6.50 that cataloged at $270.00.

The modest total which spent was $24.50, in order to get collectibles worth about $825.00. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty good. I know I can’t earn that much in a BANK! $24.50 isn’t enough for me to buy any real estate or stocks, but I know from years of experience that I can do this practically anytime I go out looking for books and collectibles, …and even better if people bring their items to me.

You’ll know how to deal with people’s different styles and personalities.

diamond jewelFollow my methods, and YOU will uncover gems like these too!

diamond jewel You will be able to repeat these profits again, and again, and again!

diamond jewel Any week you choose hit the sales.

diamond jewel First off, you’ll discover the different types of sales and how to approach them.

diamond jewel You will confidently skim the ads in the paper and know which sales are hot for finding treasure, and which are worthless to you and would be a waste of your time.

diamond jewel You’ll identify the products and categories that are valuable to you.

diamond jewel You’ll discover the different supplier types and the sellers behind the products.

diamond jewel You will identify different customer types and which products they’ll pull out their wallets and gladly put down cash for.

Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales, e-bookAvailable as instantly downloadable E-book — Be ready to hit the sales this weekendDownload, just $15

DENSELY PACKED With Information
sapphire jewel Read Many, Many Real Life Transaction Examples
sapphire jewel Discover the Lessons Learned in Each Situation
sapphire jewel AND the Lessons Learned from the Few Times I was Taken In, and How to Avoid Them Yourself
sapphire jewel All this from a $15 Download.
sapphire jewel Yet follow the lessons in this book, and you will make back many, many times that from you first weekend’s finds alone!

So … Let’s crack the pages and see the section headings in this jam packed profitable treatise



OUT “ON THE STREET” — My Success Story!

  • Setting Up This True Story of Riches!
  • Select, Old Sci-Fi Goodies
  • Drawing First Blood: $50 for $2.50
  • Family Dispute Yields ‘Nautical’ Collection
  • Could I Survive Once Summer Ends?
  • I Make A Book Deal with Mr. Vonk
  • Nice Occult, Tibetan & Himalayan Items
  • What’s Hot Is What Sells
  • Other Good Book Genres
  • First Editions
  • Signed Books
  • Book Club Editions
  • Make $1,000’s From Old Record Albums
  • $20,000 in Mint Condition!
  • Biggest Secret? Saturday Morning!
  • Ranking: Yard, Garage, Moving & Estate!
  • Newspaper Classifieds to Drool Over
  • Bibliomaniac’s Million Dollar Book Horde
  • One Secret Is: Finding “Don’t Wanters!”
  • Perfect Income Stream
  • Movers Bring in a Whole Load
  • A 400 Year Old Bible
  • Abraham Lincoln Rarity
  • A Brief Reflection On the Occult
  • Sunday Estate Sale? Can Be the BEST Day
  • Scientific Expedition to Alaska & Siberia
  • A Yard Sale that Led Into the House
  • Even Flea Markets and Comics Can Pay Off!
  • Beware! Rarities Attract Young Thieves
  • Is Trading Limited to Dealers?
  • How Trading Used Books Works
  • Trades Out of Your Home?
  • In Collectibles, Knowledge Is Power!
  • Pricing Things While “On the Run!”
  • “Garbage Week” Reveals a Treat!
  • ‘Hobson-Jobson’ Indeed!
  • A Fortune in Old Post Cards!
  • What Is Book Wealth? 10+ Years of Riches!



  • including: Garage Sales
  • Yard Sales
  • Moving Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Rummage & Church Sales
  • Charity Stores
  • Auctions
  • Antique Shows
  • Door-to-Door
  • Phone
  • & Internet



  • Defining What Sub-Wholesale Is
  • The Best I Ever Did
  • The Joy of a Valuable Discovery
  • Be Sincere, Prayerful & Honest in Your Quest
  • An Astonishing Discovery Sent From Heaven
  • “Lucky” Enough versus “Smart” Enough
  • Question of What’s a Fair Price
  • Suggested “Guilty Conscience” Compromise
  • Put on Your Travelin’ Shoes, You’re Gonna Visit Some Homes
  • Trades Must Be Done Out of a Storefront



  • Do Have the Ability to Read
  • Identify Where to Go & How to Get There
  • Have the Willingness to go out there & make a fortune
  • Do Have the Most Basic Knowledge
  • Bring Along a Database or at least a Guidebook
  • Brush-Up on a wide variety of collectibles
  • Books — How to Recognize a notable or scholarly book
  • Detect Reprints from Originals
  • Recognize and discard nearly worthless text books
  • Recognize and pass by those Book Club editions
  • Recognize GENRES
  • Recognize First Editions
  • Distinguish SIGNED (Autographed) books from Signed by Owner books
  • When and Why to know the big & small publishers
  • Recognizing “Association Value”
  • Autographed Materials
  • Suspecting a Forgery
  • “On-the-Spot” Actions you could take
  • Magazines
  • Surprisingly Valuable Old Magazines
  • National Geographic Magazines
  • TV Guides …79
  • Playboy & Other ‘Men’s’ Magazines
  • Curious Old Newspapers, etc.
  • Stamps
  • Coins …81
  • Proper Security Measures
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Surprisingly Valuable Art Does Appear
  • “Known” and “Collectible” Artists
  • How Not to be Taken-In
  • Beware of Lithographs or Prints
  • Ceramics, Sculptures & Signed Pieces
  • Antiques
  • Why You Shouldn’t Bother Looking for Antiques at Antique Shows
  • One Man’s Antique is another Man’s Piece of Junk
  • Repaired or Mismatched Pieces & Sets
  • How to Solve Storage Problems
  • Comics
  • Golden Age Comics are Best
  • Security Problems with Valuable Comics Around
  • Record Albums, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.
  • Ain’t What they Used to Be
  • Condition Matters Here
  • Collectible versus Donate-able
  • Taking Advance of High Trade Value
  • Old Picture Post-Cards
  • Old Letters, Documents & Manuscripts
  • Publicize Your Find — To Make if Even More Valuable
  • Old Photo Albums & Photographs
  • Native & Other Tribal Artifacts
  • Masks & Carvings from Africa & Oceania
  • Jewelry, Gems & Crystals
  • Distinguishing a Valuable Crystal from an Ordinary Rock
  • Bones, Shells & Fossils
  • Human Skulls
  • Shell Collecting — What to Look For
  • Games, Knick-Knacks & Miscellaneous
  • Old Packages,Boxes & Cans
  • Old Tools
  • Cultural Fads & Fancies
  • Dolls & Toys
  • Historical Items of Possible Interest
  • Items Linked to a Particular Place, War or Decade
  • Old Radios, TVs, etc.
  • Old Clothing
  • Develop and Eagle Eye, Develop the Talent… etc.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Old Coins & Stamps
  • Beware of Antique Dealers Posing as Estate Sales
  • Discard Certain Kinds of Items
  • Do Not Waste Your Time
  • Don’t be afraid of Haggling & Bargaining
  • Don’t Haggle over a Great Bargain
  • Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome
  • Don’t Make ’em Think — or Regret
  • Conclusion

Ready yet?

Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales, e-bookAvailable as instantly downloadable E-book — Be ready to hit the sales this weekend! Download, just $15

Well, if that’s not enough — there’s also absolutely no risk!

Your Iron-Clad, No-Risk,
All-Your-Money-Back, 7-Day Guarantee!

Your copy of “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales!” comes with a no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you decide that “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales!” just isn’t for you, you’ll get every penny back.

In fact, I’m so confident you will be fully satisfied with “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales!”, that I’m willing to let you actually keep the e-book, no matter what, as my way of saying thank you for trying “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales!”.

So you have absolutely no risk in ordering “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales!”.

All the risk is on me.

~Ed Augusts

Don’t let another weekend go by!
Order your copy now!
Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales, e-book
Download $15


I have read Mr. Augusts’ e-book and have personally witnessed him in action. On 3 recent ordinary weekends in a row, I was absolutely floored by how quickly he could spot the cream of the crop at each yard sale, and choose buys for very little money, and before the day was over, list them with online databases for their true value, which was multiple times what he’d paid for them, adding up to hundreds of dollars worth, each weekend. He has a true gift for spotting this stuff, and it is absolutely amazing that this man is willing to share his secrets with us!

Suzanne Lang, Tucson, Arizona, USA


To your success,

~ Ed Augusts


PS: Remember, every weekend that goes by is a golden opportunity for finding yard sale treasures. Don’t miss another weekend! Order “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales!”, today!
PPS: If you don’t buy this book today, you should really bookmark this page to come back to it, because you will be forever haunted at every yard sale you see from now on, to know the secrets of profitable buying at yard sales, garage sales, moving sales, & estate sales.

And you don’t want to be haunted, do you?

About the Author


Now I am at an age where I’m thinking about retirement, and I am spending more time doing counseling work and writing. I am very happy to have left big cities behind, to be here in the tranquil and lovely east side of Tucson, Arizona, with my view of the mountains from one side of my residence, and the swimming pool and spa on the other!

My days of going out at 7:00 a.m on Saturday mornings are fewer than they used to be. I have a number of writing projects going on, and I am in love with the whole e-Book and self-publishing concept. SO, it is at this time in my life that I am willing to make these money-making strategies available to you! Feel free to contact me personally after your purchase, let me know how it goes, and especially let me know when you make your “FIRST BIG FIND”, you know, they’re out there everywhere! TREASURES that “Don’t Wanter’s” want to get rid of at rock-bottom prices! So when you get your first piece of art for $1 to $5 that turns out to be worth $500 to $20,000, I would love to hear about it, so that I can include your “FIND” in a future edition of this book! When you find a book signed by a famous author for 25¢ to $1.00, a book that catalogs at hundreds or thousands of dollars, I want to hear about that, too! That is what dreams are made of for collectors like us!

All the Best,
~ Ed Augusts

Ed Augusts, relaxing in a lawn chair
Ed Augusts, Author

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