Radio Show – 08/29/2017 – More short stories circa WWI, by William Hope Hodgson

Cat Talk of a few minutes is followed by my reading the second half of a William Hope Hodgson ‘Carnacki the Ghost Hunter’ story.

At about 40 minutes into the show, I turn to my ‘Ed Augusts Tarot deck’, a unique gathering of 235 cards which I created in 1984, and begin to again describe more of the cards, and reveal how I would interpret each one in relationship and career questions. I began describing these cards several shows earlier.

Half-way thru the Tarot portion, a break in the narrative occurs when a friendly listener calls and asks for a Reading, then, I return to the cards.

Happy Listening!  ——–Ed Augusts



05:15:54Tuesday 08/29/2017 – 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific

Samantha, the shop cat

Samantha, the shop cat welcomes you


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