My own UFO pictures, after “shadowing” Dr. Steven Greer UFO summoning event

Friends and I were aware of a Dr. Steven Greer ET UFO summoning event at a resort near a friend’s house in Oro Valley, AZ, so we spent the evening with our friend, sitting out in his backyard under the stars, watching the night sky.

I discuss it in my show today:

Thursday 06/08/2017 3pm-4:30pm Eastern, 12pm-1:30pm Pacific


My before & after pictures of Jupiter & 2, then 3 or 4 nearby “stars/ufos”, taken about 5 seconds apart:


My friend’s blog account of the evening –

Singing to Summon ETs….. My UFO Experience….. So far…..
June 2, 2017, by Suzanne


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