Radio Show – Ed Augusts’ World – What are Crop Circles, and why are they symmetrical and beautiful? – 09/26/2017

Tuesday 09/26/2017 – 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT

Astrology and Travel memories, Santa Cruz, Yosemite, etc. 1 to 7 minutes.

Ed reads the spooky last part of Algernon Blackwood’s “The Willows”, (circa 1900), approx. 7 to 45 minutes.

Crop Circles as Messages and as an Art Form, mandalas of symmetry by peaceful, expressive alien entities: approx. 47 to 72 minutes. Suzanne, “Mad Scientists Exposed” Investigator,  joins in.

Birth defects from exposure of pregnant women to insecticides and pesticides in Florida tomato fields, 72 to 84 minutes.  Ed was raised in a Santa Clara California orchard where he was exposed to D.D.T. spraying that killed most everything that moved except humans — but many of them succumbed to cancer, decades later.

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  1. Nice family realization of Jesus’ LOVE principle. I don’t see the CROP CIRCLE parallel except that the beings from (we presume) another world or dimension, seem peaceful and practice symmetry and artistry. Maybe there’s a MESSAGE Of LOVE there, which could help our families and our nations.

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