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S t r a n g e   A d v e n t u r e s

o f    E d    A u g u s t s

THERE’S NO BETTER WAY to understand Ed Augusts or the Cosmic Church concept, than to Read This Book!  This is the latest and one of the most exciting “true experiences” autobiographies ever written about the life of a mystic in which intellect battles against fantasies; innocence against dangerous experiences; life against death.  YES, Death itself comes onto the scene…  Watch Augusts use his all his powers to fight against witchcraft and battle demons inside and outside.  This thought-provoking life story features more than TWENTY-FIVE metaphysical, bizarre, sometimes explicit and at times unearthly experiences of mystic philosopher, psychic astrologer, author, artist, and adventurer Ed Augusts –  founder of the Cosmic Church.  Adult reading suggested because of mature situations.  ORDER NOW. No Shipping Fee. Sent via e-mail, same day.  200+ pages.




Astrology, God & Humanity : Reassessing Our Notions of God. — 148 pgs

Considering the meaning of religion and the pros and cons of various belief systems after the insights gained from meeting, and performing astrological evaluations for thousands of clients. – Freudian Psychiatry as anti-religious – early links with Communism – flaws of conventional talk therapy — “10% improve, 10% get worse, 80% stay the same” – Monotheism’s origins in the ancient Near East – Abraham and child sacrifice  – Jesus as, in many respects, “the perfect man”, yet a difficult path to follow – Contrast of Nature Worship, Goddess religions to the Monotheisms – Dionysus, Bacchus, Pan and the Greek experience of the Divine — arguments for and against the features of various major and minor religions – Other ways to view ‘God’ – Hinduism and Buddhism – Spiritism and Animism – the African heritage – Astrology as presenting a different world view than the Monotheisms – Salient points about the Christian God – Individualization and Religion – Astrology and Religion around the world – Wonders of a speculative ‘Jesus Chart’.  Monkeys, Snakes & Tigers – some wonders of Chinese Astrology – Conclusion. Ways Astrology Trumps Religion –  More Proof:  Room Mates from Hell! – Geographical Astrology — Climax — Notes & Books.     


Augusts Astrological Archives — 206 pgs.


The Astrology of Love, Sexuality, and Hope   The Virtues of Various Tarot Decks  Are You Living in the Right Location? Planet Mercury Shows Communication!   The Astrology of Jesus  Toronto:  Example Astro-Analysis of a City …The Astrology of Relationships  Re: Rising Signs  Re: Mercury & Love  Miraculous Holiday Healings !Basics of Chart Rectification, Parts I & II  The Awareness of One’s Saturn House Position. Inauspicious Houses (for Saturn) . Using Progressions of the Sun. Noted Artist, Gvido Augusts. Re: “A New Look at an Old Devil” (Saturn) aturn = ‘Expect Delays’  C.Willis ‘Memoir’ . New To the List. Pondering Merc Rx.  Are We Each the Center of a Universe? : the “Double Whammy” Effect in Astrology A Peculiarly Philosophical Moment  Question for Ed (about Moving)   How Geographical Astrology Works  Amazing Geographical Astrology!  Seeking Examples of Locational Astro-Influences Questions by Anonymous (Quadrat)   Hyderabad to Islamabad  Re: ‘Dr.’ Turi’s Views on the South Node   Old Santa Clara / Buchser H.S. Science Wing Fire Different Views of the South Lunar Node    Ed’s “Tail of the Dragon” Confession Question of Accommodating Oneself to Another   Hurricanes…a way Life manifests one’s Negative Transit Energy?   Natal ‘Elemental Pairs’ and their Challenges  Some Sun-Moon Comparisons  To a Woman on the Verge of Being Married  “One Free Question” i,  ii, iii,  iv.  Reading for Liz   Sun Enters Libra, Moon Enters Gemini   A Note from Rev. Nikki.  Walking in the Light   Saturn and You…and More!   Regarding a Woman’s Question.  Tenth Planet Discovered?  Regarding the ‘Part of Fortune’  JUNK as Part of Capricorn & Saturn!  12th House Turns into a Huge Mystery!  How Do You Compare with this Chart?   These ‘Seekers’ Resemblances to Jesus  Seven of Diamonds and Other Superstitions,  Astrology Book of Love,  Attempt at a Crystal Reading,  Example of Good & Bad Transits at the Same Time,  Importance of Water in the Psychic and Real World, Egyptian Astrology,  Tropical or Sidereal? There’s a Way to Tell,   Characteristics Determined by Planetary Alignments?  Relating to Future Time Travel,  Angry Effects of Saturn Squaring One’s Mars, Saturn Square Mars Digest,  Joe Dimaggio or Einstein, Time Travelers?  7 Year Cicadas — Why? Why? Why?  Jupiter Trine Sun Transit, Neptune Prominent in Astrologer’s Charts,  Places Where Astrology, etc., Not Welcome? The Solar Return and You!  Medieval Astro Symbol — ‘Twins’ Falling in Flames, Chart of a Dangerous City —and more!


Books That Influenced My Young Life. — 28 pgs.


When my brother, who is 16 years older than I am, enlisted in the U.S. Navy, I got his room! In the room, was a cherished collection of books that he had built-up over his college days… Between 7 and 10 years of age,  I was a very lonely ‘only child’ with few things to entertain me. but these books opened the world to me and gave me wonderful insights and accelerated knowledge.  I wish EVERY KID could have gotten the chance I did!  Here are the titles which I recall, and discuss in “Books That Influenced My Young Life”: Ai, Ai Zu Zu Laca Berni, Dangerous Island, David and the Phoenix, Droll Stories, Encyclopaedia Britannica World Atlas, and Books of the Year, Faust or Dr. Faustus, From Then To Now, Gargantua and Pantagruel, Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, Jean Christophe, Kakisu Dzirnavas, Life Magazine – Dinosaur Edition. Mermaids and Mastodons, Plants for Man, Robinson Crusoe, Sea-Shells : A Child’s Book of Shell Collecting, The Boy Scout Handbook, The Customs of Mankind, The Illustrated (Children’s) Holy Bible, The Physical Sciences, These Names Accuse, Velni (The Devils), “X” or, The Filing Cabinet Marked “X”


Changes in Human Species — 117 pgs. 

cover of the paperback edition

Changing Times – Great leaders – and Astrological Factors. The Solar Wind Causes Vibrations in Planetary Magnetospheres — Perhaps this was what the Ancients called: the “Music of the Spheres” –Culture Advances & Changes Through Astro-Influences – Ias it the Great who bring about Speciation? – Individual Physical Characteristics Means Nothing – Dangers of Rival cultures, Rival Sub-species – The Lack of Much Desire to Perpetuate the Species – We are the Survivors of the Survivors – No Children, even when Ready, Eager and Willing – My Personal Bad Track Record –Roots of a Trend to Destroy Homo Sapiens – Homosexuality and Species Diversity – What kind of Human-Like Species is Likely? – The On-Going Mammalian Extinction – Other Recent Extinctions – Lessons in the Burgess Shale – Other Niches a New Species Could Fill – The ‘Abominable Snowman’ and Other Uncommonly Strange Creatures – The Yeti-Like Alma – The Frankenstein Monster Template – The Needs of the Times Dictate the Diffusion of the Species – Our Manifest Destiny – to Conquer Outer Space? – Mating with Aliens, For Good or Bad! – – ‘Satanic Copulation’ to Produce a Hybrid Species? – Buddhism – Orthodoxy & Conformity – Cloning Research on Species and Sub-species – The Lessons of Bee-Hive and Ant Colony – Stalin and Hitler – Lessons of Pluto as Regards the Dictators – A New Race or Breed and Intermarriage – Lessons of Speciation – Including those Goofy Neanderthals – Jesus as “New Man” …and New Species? – Dionysian Comparison with Jesus – “In One’s Cups” – a Half-God’s Fatal Weakness? – Hercules & Other Half-Divine, Half-human Heroes –Where are the Children of the Children of the Gods? – Charting Jesus Against the Backdrop of the Heavens – Astrological Indications of Recent Ages, Starting with Pluto  —  and many more, this is only 60% of the subheadings in this book.    Just $3.00

Chinese Western Astrology — A New & Helpful System — 114 pgs.


A New More Useful Western System – Based on Ancient Chinese Astrology. – New “Stars” for Ageless China – and for Us in the West! – Chinese New Year – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Wood. — Tai Chi – Feng Shui – Yin / Yang – Table of Yin Yang Polarities – Table of Elements and Polarities – Example of a 60 Year Cycle – 60 Year Chinese ‘centuries’ – The Basic Twelve Chinese Animal Signs Visualized as a Zodiacal Circle – Table of Chinese Zodiac Animal Years – The Notion of Opposite Animal Signs – “Trines”, Animals that are “Four” Apart – “Sextiles” – 60 Degrees Between Signs – “Squares” – 90-Degree Distances Between Animals Signs – “Quincunxes” – Signs 150 Degrees Apart – Adjacent Signs – New Discoveries in Chinese Astrology – The Animal of the Year – The Animal of the Month – the Animal of the Day – Finding Out One’s “Secret” Chinese Animal Symbol. – Examples : Lunar Years – Brief Biographies of Famous People – and many more.  Just $3.00

The Cosmic Church The complete story! –257 pgs.

The Shroud of Turin and the Natal Chart – Encouraging Reader Participation – Seeing Prosperity in Your Birth Chart – The Ca$h $hows in Your Chart – Mystic Mystique of Money – Jesus Didn’t Say “Give ME The Money!” – A Best Time for Everything – Different Goals for Different People!Different Lifestyles for Different People! –Different Places and Friends for Different People! – Different Planetary Rulers for Different People! – Helpful Goddesses Among Us! – Caduceus versus Staff of Asclepius – Consolations of Astrology – Prayer and Astrology : The Magic Circle – To The Skeptics & Scientists.. – Please Let Me, Now, Take Away Your Sins – Cosmic? What’s That, Man? – Benevolent, Happy Modes of Life – Jesus as a “Template” for Humanity – A Startling Proof of the Validity of Astrology – Jesus Proves the Foundation, but He is Not The Foundation – Cherubs and Archons – Lighter Moments & Valentines – Lineage & Legend – My Astrological Deduction – Points of Belief and Practice – Facts, Straight from the Cosmos – Very Small Medical Miracles – The Sacred Desert Womb- Pool Adventure of Ed Augusts – Guidelines of Cosmic Science – Best Religion or Philosophy of Life, Amidst Disaster – The Mystery of the Pipes of Pan – Four Days & Three Nights in a Kind of Wilderness – A Record of Temptations by the Devil Himself and Other Forces in a Mysterious Part of Upper Canada – as Witnessed and Recorded by Ed Augusts – Conclusion.  Just $3.00

Dreams & Visions .


142 pgs

Here are the fascinating visions & theories of Sigmund Freud, C.G.Jung, Alfred Adler, Edgar Cayce, & G.W.Domhoff amidst their personal worlds of dreams & nightmares. Their birth charts are examined & compared in relation to each other & to their dream theories. Author & Mystic Philosopher Ed Augusts, in his 31st book, sizes-up how much we owe not only to our nocturnal dreams but also to our amazing DAYDREAMS which help inspire & spur-on our creative accomplishments. Although much of our nights are spent in dreams, most of our days are spent in a state of visionary mysticism which are commonly called daydreams, and this is what not only helps us get through many an unpleasant task or dreary day, but also feeds the flames of WRITING, ART and MUSIC! When do mere daydreams turn into visions? Here we discuss hallucinations of various kinds, and see dreams as they were understood by the ancients. Apocalyptic visions, the source of some of our religions, are also discussed.

Exile & Double Exile — 23 Short Stories

The re-exiled exile s an outsider, a visionary guru of his own strange cult. That’s what an exile, born in a distant land, can become when his adopted land, America, proves a difficult place to grow up in when it means being isolated and haunted, then tempted, overwhelmed, seduced and damaged…all while still a child! Yet a depth of learning and wisdom grows, despite the isolation and the darkness that grows out of the damage. The exploration of a mind that feels permanently exiled occurs when studying the short stories of Ed Augusts. Born in Germany after WWII to exiled Latvian parents in a Displaced Persons Camp, despite the best opportunities for success in the new family home –California– he never quite fit in. These stories explore the American West Coast through various combinations of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Time Travel, and memoir.   Difficult childhoods turn into wild and bizarre short stories!   Just $3.00


Gothic and Grimm : A Series of Peculiar Stories, Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, Folk & Fairy Tales.  12 stories — 112 pgs.

Ever see ‘Lemony Snicket’ where bad things happen to good children?  Just one example of today’s strangely alluring mixture of Brothers Grimm where the most awful things can be expected to happen — with that brooding, dark, possibly bloodsucking world where Vampires clash with Werewolves for supremacy of the darkness.  But vampires don’t form the basis of Gothic and Grimm bizarre and possibly perverse ordinary humans do… and that’s one of the delights of Gothic and Grimm, where its not usually the wicked who get punished in the end.  We don’t suggest this one for the youngsters.   Just $3.00




  S E C R E T S


 T A R O T


Ed Augusts

More than 300 Sections

40 Years of Experience




Mama’s Fresh-Frozen Bargain Burgers : Unusual Stories & Articles— 161 pgs

The Emerald of Mars – Family Beach Story -The Dream World… What is it? Where is it? – AKA: The Big Sacred Monkey & the Haunted House,  The Large & the Small of It – Wild, Wild Nature – Lilith : The Demon Goddess — Frightened – Just a Little! — Little Yellow-Green Alien Friend – There Must Be Something More… A Tale of the Yeti – The Mystery of the Pipes of Pan — Favorite Historical Occultists — Religious Stuff — A Fax That Led to a Bottomless Pit — The Good Morning That Never Was – The Pelican Bay Fiasco – Doctor Klezmer’s Device — Evil Story That Ends with a Luminous Veil – Unusual Behavior Through the Ages — by Lucifer the Light Bringer  — Ancient Romans and Jews in Tucson? — Mysterious Types of Dreams Illusion & Disillusionment..   Just $3.00

Meditations About Real Estate — 72 pgs.


A body floating down the Ganges…  a comment about the human condition, or some buddy who got foreclosed?  A semi-conscious woman laying in bed nearly naked during a San Francisco OPEN HOUSE… A garage with 2 coffins in it on a bed of earth…  The place where all the owners, one after the other, decade after decade, went to Europe… and all died there.  From rats in the walls to tommyknockers…  here are your cursed properties… but also your WEALTH strategies!   This series of “Meditations” covers a wide range of topics all around the general subject of REAL ESTATE and the spectacular recent REAL ESTATE BUBBLE. There is probably more MUCH-NEEDED humor and adventure squeezed out of the improbable subject of the ‘ups and downs’ of real estate here than in a peck of humor books, yet, there are important strategies that can be used to achieve optimum success in real estate as well… as revealed by a man who started with nothing and bought and renovated S.F. Bay Area properties that are now worth many millions of dollars.  Just $3.00

Secrets of the Ouija Board by Ed Augusts and Nikki Ligtelyn 


The need for a good, informative book on the subject of The Ouija Board existed 14 years ago, there just wasn’t very much on the market that delved into the subject of the Ouija.   (There STILL isn’t!)   So my California friend Nikki Ligtelyn and I delicately, respectfully examined both the facts-of-the-matter as well as a legends that have grown up about not just the Parker Brothers’ famous oracle, but other, earlier talking boards going back more than 100 years. Some people don’t know that Ouija follows in a tradition of trance channelling and Spirit Writing — also known as Automatic Writing. Some examples are given. Did you know W. B. Yeats’ wife dictated the mystical “The Vision” to her husband through automatic writing, or that Patience Worth wrote a number of novels while performing automatic writing, including some lovely unearthly poetry that sounds as if a Spirit with the finest senses had dictated it.  Nikki and I are still collecting first-hand OUIJA stories, so if you have any — please contact us!   


Semi-Mesozoic Pizza with Primordial Anchovies — 98 pgs.

   Just $3.00

This volume contains TWO BOOKS: “Semi-Mesozoic Pizza with Primordial Anchovies” , rampant humor and sick poetry from Pliny the Elder to Geraldo Rivera about earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis, which appeared on the Internet from 1999 to 2001, as well as: “Seismological Moments, Tales of the Great West Coast Disaster“, based on a 20-part series on the USENET in 2003, the mystic author’s attempt to discharge fears and forebodings about huge earthquakes, asteroid impacts, and tsunamis, by injecting some WELL-NEEDED HUMOR into the subject of the San Andreas Fault, Seismologists, Californians, and other good targets for his humor.   Just $3.00

Strange And Unusual World — Correspondence on the Strange & Bizarre

Messages with Chris T. — 61 pgs.

A  lot of “strangeness” for  Just $3.00

The author, a life-long devotee of the paranormal and occult, had a series of unusual messages, queries, and comments on mystic and bizarre subjects from 1997 to 2000 from the mysterious “Chris T”. Together they talked about VAMPIRES, WITCHES, OCCULT CALIFORNIA, TIME TRAVEL, SATANISM, THE HOLY FAMILY, THUGGEES, ELVIS, THE NECRONOMICON, URBAN LEGENDS, SEXUAL SLOVAKIANS, ASTROLOGY, THEORIES OF HISTORY, GNOSTICISM, GHOSTS and POLTERGEISTS, and much more. The book that resulted has never before been published in any format, and the author has updated it in ‘2008’ with comments and additions.  

The Magic Wands Book — 94 pgs.


MAGIC WANDS, fun for kids, (Harry Potter, etc), have been used since the most ancient times for serious purposes in Northern Europe & in the

Middle East at least since Biblical times, as any reading of the Book of Exodus will show! What look like broken wands, of no practical obvious purpose other than what they look like — Magic wands! — have been found in Neolithic graves more than 20,000 years old. Their use in magic may be related to DOWSING RODS which are used for finding water, ore deposits, & lost treasure. Ancients worshipped amid groves of trees & were more aware of “earth energies” than we are in our urban, modern world. These ancient forebears learned the amazing power of wood for “magical” purposes. The author has had several experiences with Magic Wands, including a strange meeting with a woman who influenced reality through her magic-charged wand, and a later experience with an unexpected, sudden, raising of the Dead.   Just $3.00

       paperback edition cover

 “The Sacred


Womb Pool”

True experiences in Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer of 2007, when the author dug a “wishing well” that soon turned into a “sacred pool” and the idea of RE-BIRTHINGS using the Four Sacred Elements — Fire, Earth, Air and Water — became a reality!  Some of the events associated with this novel rebirthing process seemed to be of significant spiritual value, while others, which were not timed perfectly with astrological positions and aspects, created instantly dangerous situations, as the subject was “reborn” into a worse condition, with worse “luck factors” than he’d experienced previously. This account conjures up the fact that maybe The Powers that Govern our Lives don’t WANT to release us into different, new lives — not during THIS lifetime, at any rate!  It may be that the “planets we are born with” are the planets that will stay with us.  It may even be a Cosmic Law.  $3.00

The Sacred Desert Womb Pool” is also now part of The Cosmic Church”  in a slightly shorter version.

Travels in California and the Cosmos — 134 pgs.


Not since Paul Theroux got aboard a railroad train or Lewis & Clark went up the Missouri has a travelogue resulted that examines the intimate lives as well as the scenic wonders like this bookdoes for California and the West. But Ed doesn’t stop his travels at the California State line or at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, he continues and makes a kind of cosmic journey out of it.  The travels aren’t over, and there is no way to see everything.  So this book will continue to grow, with more add-ons and new adventures.

All The Girls in Nylons & Garter Belts — 78 pgs.

    Just $3.00

Here’s an affectionate romp through the sexy women of CINEMA, FASHION, EROTICA, and the real life sexuality of men who adore women who dress-up in SEXY lingerie. Many personal stories appear here and many lovely ladies are described, in anecdotes going back up to half a century. The author, an adventurous vagabond and authority on beautiful women, looks at the ‘down-and-low’ fondness that millions still have for this kind of lingerie and the seductive women who gladly wear it, perhaps as their secret thrill, — down to the present day! And, to answer anyone who may be wondering, NO the author is NOT a cross-dresser or even interested in that fetish, he concentrates entirely on FEMALES in nylons and garter belts, that is his silky-smooth focus here! (Please note, there is NO “X” rated or probably even “R” rated in this book, nor are there sexy illustrations… so don’t worry about having it around the house!)   Yes, it’s STILL just $3.00

Vlad The Impaler & Others — Reviews — 148 pgs.


Ed’s a bad boy sometimes, when the Moon is right, and likes to read bizarre books and watch strange movies. But in many cases, the movies are popular ones that are known to many, if not most, viewers ‘out there’. “Vlad the Impaler & Others” consists of thirty-nine movie and book reviews.  If we go into all the individual movies and books, it will tend to give-it-all-away,  so let us just stick with general principles, here, and say that Ed spends several pages (or more) in reviewing many of these books and movies.  His list  includes classics, little-known thrillers, new comers and popular directors, and goes from straight horror and sci-fi to dabbling in the world of the occult.  But there are OTHER genres that can be a lot of fun, and which bear exposure throgh the review-process.  Some of these films are b&w British efforts that go back to the mid-1950’s, and one, (Eeling Studios’ Dead of Night)  that goes back to — is it 1945?

There is a nice selection of recent films (2008–2010) as well, but again, let’s not spoil the suspense by talking about the individual thrillers and chillers here!    It’s JUST $3.00


Astrological Factors in the Charts of Murderers — A Study — 22 pgs.

There is no question that, of all the hundreds of possible aspects that a person can have in his or her birth chart, a handful, only a handful, are indicative of someone who can commit murder. In this compact yet impressive collection of bios and statistics, the author shows you which aspects are responsible, and how these statistics are in synch with knowledge astrologers have already had about the effects of certain aspects, and combinations of specific aspects, for many years. The author’s description is part of a push to bring ‘hidden’ factors like natal astrological patterns up to the surface, where they can be used for the betterment of society by spotting potential trouble-makers at a very early stage. As these words are being written, we know of a young boy who is having terrible behavior problems,/ His parents are aggrieved and worried. He has one of these crucial aspects indicative of deep personal issues and problems with authority that often start at a very early age. Three particular planets are involved in his chart, and they are becoming very recognizable in the charts of others. I am studying that situation, and others, hoping to gain further information that will help clients who find themselves in a similar situation, or who went through toxic conditions and hurtful relationships as children, see how these stressful forces were indicated “in the Stars”, literally, of their birth. Next comes fathoming the lessons to be drawn. Why are these challenges offered? Is it for maturation, or testing one’s spirit or character? Or is it threats or temptation by harmful forces? His book helps bring us to the edge of understanding the signals that these harmful conditions may exist in someone’s nature or face them as a future challenge.    Just $3.00









A Unique and Scientific Treatise on

Human Regeneration


The ability to live the life that is herein so abundantly discussed is worth infinitely more to him who lives it than could be the ownership of the richest treasure of material wealth.




S. F. , CAL


Reset by Ed Augusts 2013

Tucson, AZ.

With Seven New Illustrations &  a 9-page

Postscript by Ed Augusts



In the chalice or cup on the cover design, are the words “Ambrosian Elixir” .

On the base, pediment or book upon which the chalice stands, are written these words:



This is the significantly dramatic and impressive way Auclair’s book about the Tonic Elixir which he sincerely believes can work wonders in him who imbibes from the ‘fountain’, so-to-speak.

We invite you to partake of this fare, as well.  It may not be what you expect.  It may not be suitable for your purposes, and yet, you will have to agree, a host of questions on various social, philosophical, religious, emotional and relational matters comes to the fore when we enter the world of the regenerative substance, and the realm of the regenerates and the unregenerates. 

There are some light-hearted illustrations in the book, as well, and Ed Augusts adds an 9-page Postscript in which he brings up some important matters about this unusual work.





Daisy Gibson Buettner



San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Here are the visions and dreams of an impassioned  clairvoyant.  Daisy Gibson Buettner was a Medium at a San Francisco spiritualist church in the mid-1930?s.   It was a poor time to be a medium, just as it was a poor time to be almost anything else in that terrible part of the dangerous 20th century.  But Daisy had visions of a world ahead, or maybe a world parallel is more like it.  Not everyone would have been brave enough to sit down and start writing-out one’s visions, but she did!   The results can be seen in this slim volume that goes into every species of place, person, activity, and thing — everything one could think of, that may very well await…  on the other side of the thin membrane that separates one world from another.  A century before cosmologists and astrophysicists began to talk of Dark Matter, Black Holes, and Multiverses, the Spiritualist Churches in America and Europe were well-advanced in those studies.  Attend any spiritualist church and you will see some of the amazing visions and truths… yes  truths… that can be seen, when looking with the eye of clairvoyance from one world into another.

The book was not a best seller, and although the world remembers much — this nascent effort of dreams and visions was swiftly forgotten.  The Church itself did not live out the decade and the people who ran it were scattered, which should not be a surprise, when we consider how malefic forces, karma, and bad people can mess-up what would otherwise be a ‘good thing.’  The book is not a trumpet for positive-thinking affirmations meant to make a believer a lot of money.  I don’t think it mentions Jesus even once — but yet it has a massive amount of spiritual power.  So!  This is your invitation to go ahead and pass bravely through the “curtain”,  or “membrane”, that leads from our ordinary world to one that you have probably seen in your dreams.

88 pages of visions 

.  Just $3.00.


  Thank You for Looking in!   Please don’t leave here without taking some cool e-books home with you!

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