Radio Show – 08/29/2017 – More short stories circa WWI, by William Hope Hodgson

Cat Talk of a few minutes is followed by my reading the second half of a William Hope Hodgson ‘Carnacki the Ghost Hunter’ story.

At about 40 minutes into the show, I turn to my ‘Ed Augusts Tarot deck’, a unique gathering of 235 cards which I created in 1984, and begin to again describe more of the cards, and reveal how I would interpret each one in relationship and career questions. I began describing these cards several shows earlier.

Half-way thru the Tarot portion, a break in the narrative occurs when a friendly listener calls and asks for a Reading, then, I return to the cards.

Happy Listening!  ——–Ed Augusts



05:15:54Tuesday 08/29/2017 – 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific

Samantha, the shop cat

Samantha, the shop cat welcomes you


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The Essence of the Cabalah

2016-06-28 13.51.02
Eisen, William. The Essence of the Cabalah: An Agashan Book by William Eisen. DeVorss, Marina Del Rey, 1984. Hardcover. Gilt lettering on blue cloth, in torn, spine-sunned dustjacket. 480 pgs. Filled with diagrams and thumbnail-sized Tarot card drawings An occult view of the Kabbala / Quabala /Cabalistic science, a mix of Numerology, Tarot, Astrology; and Jewish mysticism. $15.00

Fundamentals of Number Significance

Jones, Marc Edmund. Fundamentals of Number Significance: An Autobiographical Account of Accomplishment. Sabian Publishing Society, Stanwood, Washington, and Shambhala Publications, Boulder, Colorado. Hardcover. 1978. First Edition. 8vo. Bright silver lettering and designs on dark green cloth. Fine condition throughout, incl. text and interior, in a fine, immaculate dustjacket . Is Jones undertaking to justify Numerology through Astrology, or the other way around? The first chapter is ‘Man’s Voyage to Self-Discovery’, so it’s anybody’s guess. Ah, but then some Cabalistic and Astrological references pop-up, and we move towards, or thru the eyes, of a (secret?) (occult?) society!  Lovely!  Bring it on! Meanwhile, the numerology we expected is occluded.  Vibes well!  $60   

Very Fine throughout!

Fine throughout!