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Ancient Egyptian Art

Beautiful ancient Egyptian art turns our minds to a meditation on the warming, benevolent powers of the Great Sphinx, as well as the idea of the Pyramids, being entirely without decoration and art, being quite possibly from an entirely different civilization.

We also delve into investigating some News of the Day, and related subjects and people,  through the Tarot. 

Finally, we spend the last 20 minutes on clearing-up some mysteries of the cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.


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Texas Open Sword Carry

Sword on a Texan's Belt

Texas Open Sword Carry


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Some Letters from Livingstone 1840-1872

Livingstone, David. Edited by David Chamberlin. Some letters from Livingstone, 1840 – 1872; with an introduction by R. Coupland.
New York: Negro Universities Press, 1969. xvii+280p., illustrated with facsimiles of letters, map, and several drawings. Sixty-eight letters. Includes list of books about Livingstone and the Arab slave trad. A fine reprint of the original Oxford University 1940 edition in publisher’s original gilt-lettered brown cloth, without names or markings.

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Prehistory of the Eastern Arctic

2015-11-18 19.11.40

Moreau S. Maxwell.  PREHISTORY Of The EASTERN  ARCTIC. – New World Archaeological Record. Academic Press USA  1st Printing, 1985. 327 pages. Index. Illustrated with black and white photographs. “This is the story of efficient hunters who maintained their populations with little change over the centuries…”  Very good condition throughout. No dustjacket, as issued. Forner owner name, f.e.p. $140.00

Prehistory of Western Siberia

2015-11-18 18.39.38

Chernetsov, V.N. and W. Moszynska. PREHISTORY Of WESTERN SIBERIA. Edited by Henry N. Michael.  McGill-Queens University Press, Montreal and Kingston, 1974.  377 pgs. Illustrated. Hardcover.  8vo, red cloth with orange lettering. Arctic Institute of North America Anthropology of the North. Translations from Russian. Good to very good throughout including dust jacket.  Former owner name f.e.p. $30.00

An Archaic Sequence from the Strait of Belle Isle, Labrador

McGhee, Robert and Tuck, James A.  An Archaic Sequence from the Strait of Belle Isle, Labrador. National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, 1975. Softcover, 4to, orange wraps. 254 pgs. The findings at fifteen different sites are explained. Fine condition throughout, with prev. owner’s name lightly on top right cover corner. This is one of a great number of anthropology books that I will list, many or most about Arctic regions from Alaska east to Canada and Greenland. $30  


Projectile Techology

Knecht, Heidi  Projectile Technology. Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology. Plenum Press, New York & London. 1997. Hardcover. First Edition (numbers 10–1).  Glossy illustrated covers, fine condition. Text and interior are very good throughout. Former owner’s name neatly on front end paper. Plenum is the never-seen First Edition; Springer followed. No other Plenum copies are on the market as of this date.  Rare, $280

Rare Plenum edition

Rare Plenum edition

vs “modern technology”